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✧ Living Intimacy ✧

Workshops for Lovers: Elevate Your Love: A Journey of Sacred Union

Are you yearning to deepen your connection, both with yourself and your partner? Explore the intricate layers of intimate relationships - awakening to your inner light, allowing vulnerability, embracing the depths of your sensuality, and infusing tantric practices into your journey towards sacred union.

Discover the path to expressing your deepest emotions freely while releasing old traumas that hinder your full potential in relationships. Join us for an immersive experience where Charlotte's expertise guides you through a sacred journey, emphasizing the profound relationship with your inner self. 

Relax, embrace your innocence, and unleash your life force to embody your authentic self, enhancing your ability to love and connect genuinely. This interactive workshop offers a harmonious blend of related teachings, somatic practices, movement, breath work, sacred touch and tantric meditations, allowing you to elevate your love and embrace sacred union. 

No previous experience needed. 

Each evening will be guided from the inspiration and intuitive guidance received in the moment and in accordance with the particular constellation of couples present that evening.

If you feel your couple needs more individual attention or if you have encountered some more severe issues in your relationship, I recommend you work with me individually.

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