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Welcome, dearest one! 

My name is Charlotte Norell and I am here to inspire you to live the most loving, authentic life, to support you on the journey of awakening to your fullest potential, where a life of passion, power and purpose is possible; both as an individual and in your intimate relationships.

I am:

a Spiritual Midwife

a Women’s Group Facilitator

a Relationship Expert/Coach

a Tantric Practitioner


And a passionate catalyst in the field of awakening, mindset, self-healing, embodiment and human potential. Since my twenties, I have been a creator of personal growth programs that support people to heal, awaken and embody who they really are. In the past 25 years it has also become my focus and mission to accompany women on the path of awakening into full flowering.


I have to admit that I am so in love with seeing people blossom into their true essence and I feel so lucky that I have found my dharma so early in life, to serve humanity in this way.


What brought me here was ignited by a profound healing crisis in my early childhood, that when I was 16, made me embark on a journey to heal myself through body-oriented therapy and meditation. This became the start of a life-long and still going on journey of discovering, learning, training, integrating, applying and giving on to other people. At some point I was inspired to explore feminine spirituality, and at that time I couldn’t find any spiritual women circles. So I started creating them myself, and as I was exploring this new path with other women I learned to refine my skills and abilities.


I have learned from many different paths and traditions, traveling to all corners of the world. At a certain point, I was so fiercely engaged in the path of enlightenment and even lived in an ashram for a few years, to attain the liberation that I was looking for. After experiencing a shift in consciousness during one of my retreats, I still pushed myself so hard spiritually, that my body became very sick and I had to slow down. 


In that time I had a hormonal burnout and I encountered the darkest spaces that even made me think of killing myself, as the suffering was so intense. It was also a healing journey as I met one of my deepest childhood traumas, facing the near-death experience of my mother when I was around 4 years old. From that life-changing and healing experience, I have redirected my path towards a much more loving approach, cultivating self-love and self-appreciation. I have become more gentle with myself and I make sure that I take care of myself in the very best way possible on a daily base.

I am transmitting a life of experiences that I have polished for all these years and it is my passion to be part of people’s awakening journeys and bringing spirituality into an everyday life. 


I am a passionate creator of personal growth programs that support people to heal, awaken and embody who they really are. My focus has become to guide women on the path of awakening, as well as offering couple retreats in the art of conscious relating and true intimacy. My mission is to assist in global awakening by acting as a catalyst to re/connect especially women with their divine spark, using my intuitive skills to guide the most transforming journey of embodying their essence to live empowered. My passion is also to support intimate relationships to be the most fertile ground for lovers to grow and to flower on every level, emotionally, sexually and essentially. 


I live in nature in a little “hameau” in Provence, that serves as my personal well-being sanctuary and is a source of rejuvenation amidst all travels.

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